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With our own real estate portfolio, we began to search for best property management software. Most of what we found fell short of our requirements. The 2-3 that did meet most of our requirements were too cost prohibitive for portfolios of 20, 50 or 80 units. As a result, we found that smaller portfolio managers resorted to using QuickBooks, Excel, Google Docs and a host of other piece meal tools in an effort to help them manage their properties. There has to be a better way! So our team began to build a full featured rental property application but at a price point that makes it possible for the smaller portfolio managers to have the same application tools and features that are available for the larger portfolios. We have built a company that is focused on our customers’ success. With over 15 years of experience, we have established a solid team dedicated to supporting all of our customers around the world. ProHapa began with the idea of creating a property management platform that would generate an impact in the industry. We want to give our clients the tools they need to manage smaller units as well as large-scale residential properties and even commercial portfolios.

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